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What To Expect

  • At KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC our procedures are focused on finding the cause of problems by detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations.
  • We will perform a thorough spinal exam, explain the findings and offer recommendations for treatment.
  • You will remain fully dressed during the entire visit.
  • We will teach you the TRUTH about health and healing, explain the dangers of VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION and nerve interference and show you how REGULAR Chiropractic care can add quality to your life.
  • KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC Orientation Video

New Patient Information Guide

1. Adults please download, print and fill out the New Patient Registration Form.
Parents of children 11 years old and under please download, print and fill out the Children Registration Form.

2. Watch the KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC Orientation Video here.
While watching the Orientation Video, answer the Orientation Questionnaire questions.
3. Bring the completed Registration Forms and Orientation Questionnaire for your first visit.

Sauk Prairie Area, WI Chiropractic Services

KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC takes a “back to basics” approach to chiropractic care.  

The real KEY to unlocking LIFE’s potential is helping the nervous system.  The number one cause of interference to a fully functional nervous system is vertebral subluxation.  The foundation of every true and principled chiropractor’s philosophy is the knowledge that when vertebral subluxation is present, your body cannot function and heal at 100%.  Every doctor of chiropractic is trained in the science and art of detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations.  

At KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC that will always be our focal point.  KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC can be the KEY that unlocks your LIFE’s potential.  You will receive the same level of care and concern that we give Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Children, and Grandchildren when you come here.  If you need care that we do not provide we will promptly refer you to an appropriate care giver.

Side effects of chiropractic care include: decreased pain, increased energy, better sleep, mental clarity, better immune function, improved balance, and increased strength to name a few.

  • Our affordable fee is lower than most copays and will allow you to get the care you need.

KEY TO LIFE CHIROPRACTIC Care in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

We Focus on What Matters Most…You